Darth Venn Suicide

A photo of Darth Venn a.k.a Venny has been circulating twitter for an hour which has gotten Black Twitter in an uproar. The owner of the twitter account @DarthVenn Tweeted out that she was deleting her account shortly after the exposure.

However, sources have indicated that Venny committed suicide in the Bathroom of the Applebees restaurant where she was spotted prior to the exposure. We will update you with more details as they arise.


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  • RS

    she deleted her account, she didnt commit suicide except by killing her account.
    she is not dead.

  • Lolo

    There was a video of her leaving applebees so nah

  • RaCin à rOch ✿◕‿◕

    when said “commits suicide”, do you mean ” go to poopoo”??

  • 100Kay

    It some dumb ass people in this world smh